Damaging behavior in your workplace is costing you millions. Cultural BlockBusters helps you Bust through the Blocks in your business to increase profits, productivity and morale. No matter what your challenges are it all comes down to the people - and people need fuel (2 cups of coffee) to wake up and commit and comfort (12 layers of chocolate) to survive and thrive.

(Melodrama and Anxiety)

Cultural Blockbusters help you:

    1)    Clarify Expectations and Key Messages
    Prioritize key messages, establish what you want and communicate it so you get the right results.  How might this boost morale and productivity?

    2)    Create 2-way Communication Channels
    Information is knowledge.  Are you listening or just talking?

    3)    Develop Flexibility
    The Achievement Gap often exists within inflexible rules. Successful leaders embrace flexibility.  How flexible are your leaders?

    4)    Eliminate Pre-existing Thought and Perception Blocks
    Change how opinions and perceptions are impacting your sphere of influence.

    5)    Harness the Power of Diversity
    Manage differences to drive success. Learn the secrets to cross-cultural communication to better motivate and persuade.

    6)    Increase Influence
    Are the impressions you make the ones you want?  Increase your influence and power by managing other peoples’ impressions of you.

    7)    Involve and Evolve Your Vision and Mission Companywide
    What is your company’s buy-in percentage?  The higher the buy-in, the greater your success and productivity,

    8)    Manage Expectations and Control the Rumor Mill
    65% of workers nationwide feel unappreciated and 10% are burned out.  We’ll improve your stats.

    9)    Motivate and Inspire Employees to Engage
    In today’s multicultural workplace, how successful are you in motivating and inspiring your diverse workforce?

    10)      Offer Mentoring – Formal and Informal
    When there’s a way up, there’s a way to commit and a guide along the path.

    11)       Provide Avenues for Professional Development
    Business Solutions come from the most surprising places.  Continuous professional development for everyone ensures fresh ideas and better employee attitude. 

    12)      Reveal Under-the-Table Rules
    Unspoken, unwritten rules derail careers and sabotage morale and motivation.  Confront what’s under your table to stay on the fast track.

Think about the blocks in your company for a moment.  These blocks come in many shapes, sizes and forms including… personal, success, cultural, financial, educational, gender and organizational blocks.  Behind every block -- somewhere in a corner, lurking behind the anxiety of being exposed -- is a thought, perception or belief that needs to be examined and perhaps BUSTED.

CULTURAL BLOCKBUSTERS will do that for you with 2 cups of coffee and 12 Layers of Chocolate.

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